Our Events

Since the Virtuous Women UK has been founded, we have hosted eight events to date. The first was the Virtuous Women which showcased some of the UK’s finest female artiste bringing spoken word and song.

We then followed this up with the Victorious Men of Valour Zoom event which had artists performing from Jamaica, France and the UK.

Our third event was the Majestic Maestros of Music which bought together 16 DJs playing music ranging from Gospel to Reggae to Soca to Rare Groove. The DJ’s covered many genres of music which was uplifting and took the viewers down Memory Lane.

Frederica Tibbs milestone 40th anniversary year in the music industry was also hosted by the Virtuous Women. Frederica was interviewed by her partner in crime Winsome and was also joined by Donna Michael and David Papacrook, with online tributes from Andrew Sloley and Anette B. This event was made all the more special as Frederica hit No.1 in the Stevie J chart show with her song “Thank You”.

Ricardo McKenzie aka Ricky Ranking was the first of our “Locked in With guest artistes on the 8th November, 2020. Ricardo was interviewed by our hostesses Winsome and Frederica and was joined in the studio by his special guest Singing Bee and his musical selector Patrick. Ricardo took us through the years entertaining us with his baritone voice, from the beginning of his journey to current day. Ricardo ended his show with his sing-jaying skills which he was famous for in the early years of his career. It was a fabulous evening of vibes and showmanship. Thank you Ricardo for an excellent show.

On 6th December, David Crook aka PapaCrook was the second artiste to join the #VirtuousWomenUK “Locked in with…” session.

David, took us through his musical journey, which began in the 1980’s but was put on hold when he became a family man. PapaCrook let us know who his inspirations were and on the night also sang songs individually and with his special guests Winsome and Frederica. Those who joined the Zoom said it was one of the best interviews the ladies had done! What a fabulous night of fun and laughter it was too!

Our last event for 2020 was our pre-festive zoom event entitled “Harmonious Kings and Queens with voices”. The #VirtuousWomenUK were joined by some specially selected artistes to end our year. On the night our viewers were entertained by

Panchita Latouche, Leroy Shines Moncrieffe, Lady Lex, Wendy Walker, Annette Bee, J Alex Bigby, Elisha Laverne, Donna Marie and our very own virtuous women, Winsome and Frederica. 

The artistes were indeed singing in harmony and bought upliftment to what was a great night thoroughly enjoyed by all.

On New Year’s Day we held our Majestic Maestros of Music Pt.2 which was a great success.  We were entertained by some of the UK’s finest DJ’s – DJ Junior Selector, Sophisticated Gents featuring DJ Random, Lady TLC, Sir Lloyd, Lady Blessed G, D-Mac, Geoff ZincFence, DJ Omar, Senator B, Back to Basics and Don Karlos and what a night of musical niceness it was. 

On the 7th February the Virtuous Women presented their third “Locked In With…” event which featured the very talented singer JayJayBorn2Sing, who entertained the audience with his wonderful Gospel songs including Top of the Mountain and Counting My Blessings. A musically uplifting evening and with all the feedback received, it is clear  JayJay left the audience filled with leaving the audience feeling inspired.

Out latest “Locked in with…” took place on the 14th March and featured the wonderful Deneez Peters who shared her musical journey with us, with live performances accompanied by her selected DJ’s on the night Lady Blessed Gee and Mr Stylee

We bought to you our Easter Sunday Majestic Maestros of Music Pt.3 on 4th April, featuring Guvenor General, Roy Medallion, Marc Antoni, Dee Lite, Sweet Touch, Gemini Man, Renegade, L Vibes, Studio One Syndicate, Underground Ice and Scobie. Once again, our DJs pulled out all the stops to entertain our listeners, making this another successful night.

9th May 2021 saw the Virtuous Women bring to you some joy and harmony with their Gospel Extravaganza, Joy to the World. Helping to give thanks and praise were our singers Adelaide McKenzie, Glamma Wayne, Annette Bee, Pastor Owen Uriah and our very own Frederica Tibbs and Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell.  We also had some lovely gospel music from our resident DJ Farda Smedley and the lovely Jennisis. What a joyous event it was, just right to lift the spirits. 

The 19th June saw the Virtuous Women celebrating our 1st year anniversary and also Golden Smile’s birthday with PAs from Jay Alex Bigby, Royal Diadem, Nubian Queens, Papa Crook, Frederica Tibbs and Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell.  Our DJ’s on the night were Farda Smedley, Junior Selector, Senator B, Mistry Lady, Mr Stylee and Errol T.  We all certainly shone on the night as yellow was the colour of sun rays!

Our next Virtuous Women UK event will be our “Locked in with… Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell” who will also be  celebrating her 40th year in the Music Industry
Winsome wll be joined by Frederica Tibbs and Papa Crook entertaining us with live PAs  with support from our DJ’s Farda Smedley and Mr Stylee 
Date: 4th July, 2021
Time: 5pm, UK
Event ID: 956 7862 3170
Passcode: WINSOME
We look forward to having your company. Bring peace and love for an wonderful evening of entertainment


Coming Up
We are looking forward to bringing you some wonderful events over the coming months including the following:

12th August – Keep posted for the Virtuous Women’s first live event, more details coming soon

The Virtuous Women UK respectively request that upon joining any of our events, you initially do so with your camera switched on.

This is to tackle an ongoing problem of trolling that we have had to contend with at previous events.  The trolls join our events with their cameras switched off and without a name so we cannot identify who they are.

Once we can verify who you are and you have been accepted into our Zoom, you can turn off your cameras if you so wish.

We would really appreciate your cooperation with us on this malicious matter.

Thank you


Please note that ALL of our events are funded solely by the #virtuouswomenUK and are not for profit.

We appreciate all of the Artistes and DJ’s who have so far kindly volunteered their time and shared their talents on our Zoom events. We thank each and everyone of you sincerely.