Getting To Know The Virtuous Women

Winsome is the person behind the creation of Virtuous-Women UK. She wanted to bring something to uplift and inspire people and to help them to get through the Covid-19 pandemic. It was Winsome’s antidepressant which is her love of music, that bought the idea to life. Winsome was joined by her sister in crime, Frederica Tibbs and soon Susan, Maureen, Veronica and Theresa were all on board. Virtuous-Women UK was born. The motto of the Women is “We do it for the love, not the likes”

Winsome has been singing since the age of 10 in school productions. She was part of a duo called Sugar and Spice with Michelle Sutherland in Birmingham in the early 80’s. She soon went on to join the Family Love band in 1985, a well known group from Battersea who had several hits in the lovers rock genre of music including Decision and Anniversary. This is where her relationship with Frederica Tibbs and Lloyd Heron was formed.

Winsome took some time out from the industry to raise her family, whilst still singing at weddings, birthday parties etc. She made a come back in 2014 with her debut single Hurting Me which was a huge success and is currently working on her album.

Catch Winnie and Freddie on Injection Radio each and every Friday between 8pm and 10pm where they present their Friday Night Shubeen.


Frederica, affectionally known as “Freddie” grew up as a gospel singer in the seventh day adventist church in Brixton.  At 17 she became a part of the Family Love Lovers Rock band which was lead by Lloyd Heron alongside Winsome, Lorraine, Lillian and Jacki. Alongside Donna Michael, Frederica was a backing singer to Delroy Wilson, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Little Roy, Judge Dread, Alton Ellis, Ernest Wilson, Dave Barker, and many more.

Frederica celebrated her 40th year anniversary in the music industry in October 2020. 

Catch Winnie and Freddie on Injection Radio each and every Friday between 8pm and 10pm where they present their Friday Night Shubeen.



Susan, also known as “Ms Suzy Wong” is definitely not a singer but has always had a passion for music and loves to dance.  Susan would travel all over London in her teens to listen to music and to “fling two foot”. She frequented clubs such as Columbos, All Nations, Mingles, Dougies, Bali-Hi, Diamonds, Lyceum, Crackers, in fact you name it, Susan was probably there.
Prior to the pandemic, Susan was enjoying a renewed social life, travelling, attending stage shows and concerts, living life and loving life to the fullest.

Susan can currently be found each Tuesday night on Ramjam Radio between the hours of 8pm and 10pm presenting her show #MsSuzyWongsTuesdayNightFlex, where variety is always the spice of life



Maureen aka Golden Smile has been a long time friend of Winsome, in fact they met when Winsome came to London in 1984.  Maureen got the moniker Golden Smile as she has a gold tooth at the front of her mouth and you will always see her smiling which is something that comes natural to her. 

Her love of music goes back to when she was a young girl and she loves all genres of music.  Maureen loves to travel and socialise.  She also has a passion for photography, taking random photos of people and places.  Maureen is  the photographer for the Virtuous Women UK.



Veronica aka “Ms Vee” was also a member of Family Love but gave up on her singing career when she stared her own family.

Veronica studied IT at Lewisham College and also studied psychodynamics in counselling.  She enjoys music, reading and is now working on her own project “Bling Drinking”, designing drinking glasses.  Every glass is hand decorated and unique to the individual person.  Veronica also produces the promotional videos for Virtuous Women UK


Theresa is the wife of David aka Papa Crook and has been a lover of music from a very young age enjoying all genres of music. Before lockdown Theresa would regularly be seen at concerts supporting live music and UK artists.  Theresa enjoys being part of the Virtuous Women UK team.

Theresa has been blessed with three beautiful grandchildren during 202, bringing her total 20 seven, so her life couldn’t be more fulfilled.  She also loves to travel as the world is a big place and she still has much to see.